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Mothers and Daughters (About Us)

with Grandma

Mothers and daughters: Allyson, Marissa, Kathy, Alice (Grandma) and Nancy (2000).

Kathy’s from Minnesota: joined the Peace Corps in the 1960s and went to the jungles of Panama where she met and married Enrique and had three children (Marissa, Enrique, and Nancy).

Marissa’s from Panama: left home in 1986 to finish college in Virginia, where she met and married Paul and had two children (Allyson and Jeremy).

Nancy’s from Panama: left home in 19xx to finish college in Florida, where she met and married her husband Jeff. Moved to Virginia in 2007 (?) with their two kids (Evan and Elias), and mom Kathy.

Allyson’s from Virginia: went to college (still in Virginia) where she met and is currently dating someone still new to country, originally from Iraq.

So much in common and still learning what makes each other tick. With similar backgrounds and shared memories, these four ladies are using this blog to get to know each other better.




Kathy is a  mother who feels that  years are passing by too quickly. She wants to achieve a closer relationship with her daughters and her granddaughter.  This blog may be a road to understanding each other in a way that allows them to communicate  thoughts and feelings, a pathway  towards  open communication.  She has great hope that writing the words will foster  improved communication between them.  This is a positive step  towards that goal.



Marissa lives in Fredericksburg, VA with her husband Douglas. Marissa works full-time as a webmaster for a large air compressor manufacturer, and is also a photographer and owns a youth sports photography business.







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Mothers and Daughters

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